Old websites

As a history of website development, as a personal journey – the imogenart website has evolved over the years.
The image above is the one I like best but never used… to view old websites use the menu items.

To make my websites, I am still using iWeb as it has a great slideshow, and now delving into the code so that I can change old versions without having to actually have them in iWeb. Now I’ve started using WordPress as it has some great plugins and connectivity to social media (soshul media) like Twitter and Mailchimp (for sending newsletters to my signed up mailing list) and Facebook and Google Analytics. Also there are some completely home-grown web pages from the days when websites were new.

There are Art Tips on some of these pages, and various awful comments. Still, it’s amusing. C’est amusant, as they say. I’ll put links to the best items.

Art tips (oil painting and palette)

More Art tips (a minimal palette)

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