Snow at Balmalcolm Farm, with the volcanic Sidlaws, and Macbeths (neolithic) castle on the skyline, on iPad with ArtSet, and drawn with one finger.

Amazing to draw with colours, and one finger, and no mess, and sometimes even end up with something spectacular.

I have hundreds of iPad drawings, from all over the UK, Europe, Israel and the United States, and hope to get many more.

Before the iPad I’d had 40 years of drawing practice, on and mostly off –  have filled sketch books, until recently only devoting any time to drawing when on holiday or travelling. Now it’s my job and that is soooo.. exciting, because if I draw then I have one more product. My website is going through a makeover so that I can show them to you systematically!

This is a drawing on iPad – I have drawn in ink and with graphic pencils too, and pastel…

Not easy to paint realistic things without drawing. So, I’m always drawing, and on the iPad the drawing can be spectacular. My technical goal was (and is now) to be able to represent any thing!

More iPad drawings

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