I paint

Marin Headlands from Angel Island Harbor (San Francisco)

Painting, since childhood. No Art school but always drawing – genetically from an artistic family…

Grandad Maurice’s work, in letters from the Great War, is on display in the National War Museum, London… Uncle Alf had in his possession a painted version of ‘Goodbye Nan’, an army dude cradling his dying horse’s head in his arms, and painted an evocative picture of a wall falling on two firemen in London… Aunt Edna painted animals… Dad was a draughtsman…
Helen was first to go to University in her family, not to do art but Biochemistry, a 20 year career from 1980-1999. Then she moved into computing and is a Java programmer, and an Open Source fan (creating the Coulson Plot Generator for viewing and comparing huge amounts of plus/minus data). Now it is time for Art.
She spent a year or so at the Art Student’s League of New York, and drew with P.O.S.E.R.S, John Holder’s group in Cambridge, and with the Dundee Art Society (life drawings). So, starting with oils (I paint), and moving on to drawing with a finger on the iPad, Helen has started painting in other media – acrylic and watercolour and inks. It’s a year to have fun.

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