Classical art commissions


So, Helen has been asked for commissioned work, and is always improving at it. Some were portraits of people, one in Oxford’s covered market…

Because a portrait tells a story, Helen Imogen set herself the technical task of being able to represent anything in paint. So, she painted everything, from life, from photos, and sometimes from memory. And so any background is possible for a portrait.

People have said they love HI’s work, because it feels like you’re there. It is over-coloured, superreal, looks like photographs, but all has a distinct Helen Imogen style. ‘Skin so real you could scratch it’.

Please see the classical portfolio pages for examples of HI’s work. At the moment these are on old web pages, but these will be replaced with galleries as time progresses.

Here are two examples of commissions, each produced from several photographs.

The commission process starts with an interview, and several photographs – or preferably meeting the subject(s). Then drawings are produced and approved. The commissioner will view the painting during the procedure of working it up, to approve, comment and improve the work, until they are satisfied.


Girl in a yellow dress
Portrait commission

Order up a portrait, from photographs of your favourite friend… people, pets and places. Please feel free to get in touch with Helen with any questions.