Classical Art

Recent work in acrylic – an optical illusion, as in the dusk, the distant sheep were the same size as the near turnips. Unreal. The Sidlaw hills with that distinctive cut are real (near Kinrossie, Perthshire Scotland)

New paintings in acrylic have allowed much looser work, and brighter colours.

A newborn kitten growing up. Waiting for mum to play. Mum wants to sleep. A recent work in oils (Perthshire tabby cats, Scotland). The kitten is a hybrid Scottish wild cat. We had a half-mile drive, so a long way to go to the next full boy cat.

The cut in the Sidlaws, that old volcanic range which is one of the earth’s oldest. The sheep are accompanied by seagulls making the field look blue. A different season to the picture above.


Finished a painting (oil) that I always wanted to have – Pthingvellir, the old parliament in Iceland. It’s that round disc with the fir trees around it in the middle distance. The Icelander chieftains would all assemble to made decisions regarding their whole land. Here, it was decided that the country would adopt Christianity, although the old religions could be followed too. The year was 1000 (A.D. or C.E.). ┬áMost of Europe was Christianised at that time.

More work

The archive menus take you to the pictures displayed on old websites. The Cambridge website also has Tips and Tricks for painting.

More work can be seen in the portfolio pages, and will be made available as galleries, as time goes by.

These paintings are currently available for sale.

  • If you are interested in viewing more work, in the Artist’s Studio, or on-line, please contact the artist.
  • If you are interesting in pricing or have any questions, again, please contact the artist.
  • CONTACT the artist directly, by using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or telephone Helen Imogen on mobile/cellphone 07525214377 (+44).

The artist lives in Edinburgh EH9, and works in a studio in St. Margaret’s House, Edinburgh.

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