He-Art is Happy E-Art

In January 2017 a new style was born, with this picture

iPad liveSketch of snow on the ground and Macbeth’s castle (right) and the Sidlaw volcanic range, the oldest hills in Scotland, and the world

After about 6 months more, doing iPad work in other styles (see the iPad portfolio page) the artist went back over her ArtSet drawings and realised that this was a picture worth keeping. It has a Wow! factor. Thank you, ArtSet! for the big painty tube tool. And thank you Scotland for providing such a beautiful view out of my window (look out for the Perthshire gallery).

Since then, Happy E-Art has been the only style. It is bright, jazzy, quirky, and people love it, so thanks to all those who have been so enthusiastic. See the portfolio page to see places drawn in this style.

Since there are other styles, the portfolio page gives examples, in case you prefer them.

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