iPad art commissions

Happy Electric ART is proving very popular

It can be commissioned for use as marketing material

  • brochures
  • posters

For retail

  • posters, framed prints, pictures
  • cards, notecards, postcards
  • mugs, leggings, bags and more
  • iPhone and iPad cases and similar

Contact Helen to see if she has pictures in your part of the world. She can come and draw your event, building, gallery, town or countryside. Happy E-ART pictures are produced on-site, so invitations are welcome.

The artist has drawn at

  • festivals
  • music concerts and seminars
  • restaurants and pubs
  • countryside village pubs and churches
  • country lanes and vistas
  • different parts of the world

Helen currently lives in Scotland. Happy E-Art started in January of 2017, and so covers Edinburgh. She holidayed in North Devon and North Wiltshire this year, so liveSketches exist of these areas.

Let’s build up a repertoire of Happy E-Art pictures for

  • remembering a Happy place or holiday
  • realising that the everyday is more interesting than you thought
  • increasing enjoyment of a museum visit
  • promoting music of all sorts
  • capturing a special event
  • atmospheric and portrait-oriented corporate events (speakers) and live performances (musicians)