iPad liveSketch portfolio

The artist has drawn in many locations, and in many different styles.

Happy E-ART is new for 2017 and before then, since iPads arrived on the scene, the artist used other applications and styles. An excerpt is shown in these galleries:

Drawn on an iPad with Brushes original

Dundee City buildings and views across the river Tay

Flowers and trees in Dundee Botanic gardens


Happy E-ART

  • Scotland – Perthshire, where it all began
  • Edinburgh Scotland
  • Glasgow – just starting
  • North Devon and North Wiltshire

Other iPad styles

  • Dundee, just north of Edinburth
  • St. Andrews in the Kingdom of Fife, just south of Dundee
  • North Scotland and Orkney
  • Various places in Europe including Rome, Seville, Paris
  • Czech Republic
  • Israel
  • New York USA

The older the pictures, the more the style changes. You will see how it evolved into the new style which finally emerged this year.

Many thanks to the makers of ArtSet, a painting application for the iPad, without which the HE-ART style would be impossible. Also to my husband who believed in my iPad work enough to buy me a large iPad Pro (and stylus which I have to get round to using, but which actually helped to start this new style). I draw with my finger, and the surface of the iPad feels lovely. Thanks also to the little personage who recommended ArtSet, and who is a talented artist herself [link to Instagram]