iPad drawings of places, people and animals, flowers and trees – and a gentle flow of paintings in oils and, recently, acrylics and watercolour. Ink for India inspired illustrations following an iPad travel project.

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Helen Imogen

Moody sky with Sidlaw skyline at Macbeths castle with highland cattle
Highland cattle with a field of rape beneath the Dunsinnan hills featuring King’s Seat and Macbeth’s Castle

Helen Imogen
Artist Classical & Digital

Always drawing and painting, sewing, making. Horses were a big favourite and art my favourite subject. My fantasy bird painting in the Headmaster’s office  – Wiltshire in the 70s had art lessons in perspective and disappearing points. Oil painting was what I aspired to, as my Dad wouldn’t let me use his oil paints and they smelled amazing. So oil painting started in New York after starting work as a PhD Biochemist, on a protist causing African sleeping sickness. I started by copying a Degas onto a piece of Whatman 3MM filter paper (it’s like fine blotting paper) and then doing a water colour portrait of two young men, which was selected for the first juried show of the TriMedical centre in New York, and the picture got press attention.

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19-27 October exhibiting at Botanic Gardens Dundee

Pictures like my highland cows, who actually lived next to Dundee, against the Perthshire Sidlaw skyline, an ancient volcanic ridge – one of the oldest in the world – and my pictures of great views in Dundee. These buildings should be famous, they are beautiful.  Come celebrate Dundee with me. Electric Dundee features many images …

First collaborative art piece

Getting to know how the paints work – for example they appear much darker after firing. For this plate several goes were had, darkening the darks and adding to the patterns. This is how it looks with some paint before firing:

Imogen Kirknewton

Ceramicist and potter Irina, and painter Helen, and from time to time, others, combine their talents in producing new glazed and painted work for sale. Potter Around at Kirknewton is our host and studio, providing collaboration and inspiration, and lessons in pottery and firing!


Helen Imogen is a classical and digital  painter, working in oils, acrylics and on iPad, and specialising in portraits, pictures of flowers and buildings and realistic theatre set painting.

Previously in New York USA, London, Cambridge UK, she is now working in Edinburgh, Scotland, recently at Edinburgh Palette, St Margaret’s House, London Road, EH7 6AE and now working from home.

Contact her for portrait commissions, or requests for prints. Inexpensive prints from iPad drawings direct from the artist, or order up T-shirts and mugs and the like by yourself (see links below).

Call +44 (0)7525214377

Skype imogenart

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