Digital drawing lessons on iPad or tablet

Lessons for anyone wishing to work on iPad or tablet

Online (Zoom, WhatsApp or Messenger) – or live sketching in the lovely city of Edinburgh.

Copy of an original iPad drawing by artist Helen Imogen Field created live.

Example lessons on Facebook

Helen’s iPad work (2010-2020)

Largely  self-taught, and particularly as an artist on iPad/tablet, Helen has used several apps to create different styles of artwork. ArtSet (free version) has a great “oils” tool which formed the basis of one bold style. Medibang and Autodesk Sketchbook (free) are similar, with tools for manipulating photographs as well as designing abstract images. Brushes Redux (free) is also an old friend, with brushes that can be edited for a familiar drawing experience.

Helen has many works to show and demonstrate different styles, painted in several countries. Some are in the archive and some here. Others are lurking on her computer…

Art as therapy

Art is a practice that allows you to switch off and perhaps produce something you did not know you needed to say. Art is close to spirituality and is a known therapy.

Anyone can produce art – it is a self-expression, allowing you to learn about yourself and what you think of the world. Come and surprise yourself. Come for a chat and to make friends – bring your friends.

Art on iPad/tablet is for everyone, all ages and skills

You can try designing abstract work in Autodesk Sketchbook, or draw like you did at school in ArtSet – or mix your own colours and do more complex work. Step by step, as you feel comfortable.

Lesson structure

The first step is to load apps onto your tablet/iPad (ArtSet for iPad, Autodesk Sketchbook for any tablet). We can do that in the first lesson. Then we become familiar with the controls.

We meet for “coffee” and some initial exercises, then go sketching. Working on-line we can choose a topic and draw (a portrait or a vase of flowers or a photograph).

Then we can go outdoors to sketch “live”.

There are many topics Helen can teach you to extending the lessons from drawing to production – you may wish to sell what you create…

Lessons are in a very small group, so can be closely tailored to your interests.

  • different apps on iPad/tablet
  • test the painting/drawing tools within the apps. One of the keys to success with an app is to get to know how the colours blend together, just the same as with real painting media.
  • how to transfer pictures to store them and show them off
  • adjustments for bright prints
  • products from your designs
  • working inexpensively to earn a living

Like what you created?

Top tip. The work you produce never looks quite as you thought it would. But several weeks later you will love it – want to print it out for a present.

Digital output to physical print

You have a picture you wish to get printed? To make a backlit image (on tablet) look good in print, adjusting colours and brightness is needed, for a final product that looks as good in print as on the pad.

Helen has years of experience working with Photoshop, GIMP (free) and printing – and  a Masters in Information Technology.

T-shirts, iPhone cases and other products from your work

There are many websites that allow you to reproduce your work – Helen can teach you some of these (like imogenart at Redbubble). You can make mugs and T-shirts and more.

All the things Helen knows are Very Low Cost to the artist!

Copy of an original iPad drawing by artist Helen Imogen Field created live.

Book a lesson

To find out about lessons, email Helen or call/message +44 7525214377

Lesson times at your convenience.

Price £9 per hour for individual or 2 people; £7 for 3-6 people.