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So, the story is, that I was visiting some old friends in London and walked from Tooting to Victoria station. On the way went through Clapham, and Lambeth, delighting to find that Destiny Ministries is close by (my church) and then through Battersea Park and onto the bridge, where the dear Thames was wafting a canoeist along and the vista was exciting.

Delighting to see all of the lovely London buildings, and particularly impressed with the impressive Georgian (?) architecture of Chelsea and Belgravia as I approached Buckingham Palace then turned into Victoria Station. What an approach!

Belgravia was enough of a treat; I loved peeking at the architecture through the foliage of established gardens. Parts of London are just so big – great – compared to Edinburgh. And London has such a power buzz to it. You can read it as a centre of the world from that alone.

Victoria was in fact a wow because of the (what I know now to be the) Nova building with its red triangle on the square. Next to the lovely old fashioned (to my taste) Victoria Theatre with its little ballerina on top (now a Hilton) and a clock like a big grandfather clock – and the station itself with its grand ‘Southern Railway’ archway.

And so the photographs are turning into a series of pictures and I look forwards to putting them into your hands as gifts –

T-shirts, leggings, iPhone cases, mugs, coasters, bathmat, travel mugs and water bottles – and a short skirt with a picture, bags, cushion, clock. Redbubble sells good quality products and features many great artists. But if you love London and you love colour, try these designs.

London impressions – Battersea and Vauxhall bridges with the Lister hospital left and the South bank right – Belgravia grandure, buildings glimpsed through gardens – Victoria approach with the Theatre, the Nova building and the Southern Railway arched entrance

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