My very own tree design on a batwing


This jumper was designed to be a mature tree – in 1984 they had more leaves than they seem to now, and you couldn’t see the branches at all in high summer. This was always to be a design in 4 colours.

Let’s plant trees. They make oxygen (which we breathe) and remove toxins including CO2 from the atmosphere. They are water sponges and releasers, they warm in winter and cool in summer (look at the evidence for yourself, under your local tree in frost or drought)



I need to make another of these for my sister. Maybe a 2018 tree with more branches exposed. We compare trees from the old TV series Civilisation showing buildings with mature green trees very lush.

Many Africans report that more trees were present and neck high vegetation. Now, no trees, no rain. I’m not entirely sure that trees don’t make rain clouds. They transpire (spit out water) like crazy and that water has to go somewhere. When the Oz’s cut down many trees their rainfall went out to sea.

Rain forests are perpetually wet. Those trees are making rain. The natives know that if you cut the trees down you get floods (no water control). It all adds up.

If you are interested I’ll create a pattern for this jumper as I’d like to see them worn everywhere. Made of natural, washable wool, this is the cosiest most comfy jumper ever.

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