Quick & Plenty cafe of Bruntsfield Marchmont (Edinburgh)

Outside and inside

Jonathan (chatting to customers) introduced it as ‘the oldest cafe in Edinburgh’, that is, built to be a cafe, and in the family for 96 years – Quick&Plenty has a facebook page and it’s on Leven Street near the King’s theatre, whence come many clientele.

iPad finger drawings with ArtSet

Theatre – 12 foot backdrops tell the story

Three 12-foot backdrops Aladdin Bubbleland

    • Working with Dundee Junior Showtime on Margaret Mather’s story of Aladdin Meets Bubbles
    There are three parts to the story: Aladdin and Princess Alara begin life in their city: Aladdin is the son of the launderess (Wishy Washy’s laundry). They travel to Bubbleland on a quest for happiness, and end up in the Throne room with everyone living happily ever after.

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