Invitation to Open Studio October 21, 22nd, 11-6

Printing on silk – some of these pictures – in Open Doors at St Margaret’s House

Hello everyone,

I’ve an Open Studio the weekend of the 21st October 11am-6pm. Please pop along.

Studio 2 • 09 St Margarets House • 151 London Road, Edinburgh EH7 6AE

There are hundreds of art and charity workers in the building so a wide variety of things to see and do

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Cafe drawing

Edinburgh castle through window
First floor view of coffee and computing people and the view from this fantastic real old window

An Edinburgh Starbucks. Princes Street looking up at the castle. I had taken my daughter out for coffee after church, and was drawing the feeling of the people arriving and enjoying and working in this wonderful space.  You may notice that some people appeared after the drawing got started.

There is a fantastic old window inside this venue, and we enjoyed its shape as well as the view beyond. It’s a pen and ink drawing (old-style) overlaid with Photoshop work. There is a park opposite, so many trees twixt coffee and castle…


Quick & Plenty cafe of Bruntsfield Marchmont (Edinburgh)

Outside and inside

Jonathan (chatting to customers) introduced it as ‘the oldest cafe in Edinburgh’, that is, built to be a cafe, and in the family for 96 years – Quick&Plenty has a facebook page and it’s on Leven Street near the King’s theatre, whence come many clientele.

iPad finger drawings with ArtSet

Theatre – 12 foot backdrops tell the story

Three 12-foot backdrops Aladdin Bubbleland

    • Working with Dundee Junior Showtime on Margaret Mather’s story of Aladdin Meets Bubbles
    There are three parts to the story: Aladdin and Princess Alara begin life in their city: Aladdin is the son of the launderess (Wishy Washy’s laundry). They travel to Bubbleland on a quest for happiness, and end up in the Throne room with everyone living happily ever after.

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