Sewing & mending

Hi – I do small sewing jobs from home – and am glad to take on alterations or mending.

Holes in jeans too big? can patch or strengthen.

Zip gone? can replace.

Need buttons? no problem.

Want it smaller? I do this all the time for jackets, skirts, trousers.

Jacket falling apart? I am ever so good at mending.

Also I do special things – comfortable Cosplay from artwork – a ballgown designed for your figure and perfectly fitted.

Get a quote. Special hourly rate for 14 days to Sept 23rd 2020 (midnight).

For heavy jobs I have my grandmother’s old Singer, while for the latest projects (like making masks) I use a new Singer!

Delivery to my home and pickup the same, or we can use the mail. Click for Royal Mail postage to print out and fix to a small parcel, online (without going to the post office).

Call Helen on 07525214377. Edinburgh or within reason.

Typical rates:

£30 for a small pair of curtains from new material

£15 for a replacement zip (£20 includes the new zip)

£5 minimum order (e.g. button sewing)

Cost of a brand new face mask (above) £10 (no discounts, but 50% off the second)

All orders subject to quote for delivery and time, with turnaround aimed at within a week (depends on order volume). Final invoice will be per hour of actual sewing work so may differ a small amount from the original quote. Like going to the garage, I’ll let you know before I sew.

Terms and Conditions

Customers have been very satisfied with my work. In the case of dissatisfaction, will do utmost to meet requirements. For alterations a fitting is required or exact measurements agreed to beforehand.

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