Marvel – Jean Grey new 52 costume


Complete with X-men jacket, sleeves made to be pulled up (they are in fact longer but gently elasticated, so as to be comfortable). The legs are trousers, the markings as per the drawings. The top is a long-sleeved one-piece, perfect for Scotland but too hot for other venues.

Front top detail cropped.jpg Detail for the top before hemming.

Back costume no coat.jpg

Hand guards included. The leg Xs are integral.

It was fun working on this project, and my first attempt to create without a pattern (I did make it in newspaper first, and lots of adjustments later).

There are two Singer sewing machines here.Worktable4web.jpg


Finally, here is the back of the jacket. I liked the way the integrated X formed most of the body of the jacket and the sleeves were set in. Just trying to copy the way it was drawn.

Costume back of jacket.jpg

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