Imogen Kirknewton

Ceramicist and potter Irina, and painter Helen, and from time to time, others, combine their talents in producing new glazed and painted work for sale. Potter Around at Kirknewton is our host and studio, providing collaboration and inspiration, and lessons in pottery and firing!

Pottery slab pressed into a wavy plate or art piece for display, with painted pattern of a view of Edinburgh castle from Princes Street.

19-27 October exhibiting at Botanic Gardens Dundee

Pictures like my highland cows, who actually lived next to Dundee, against the Perthshire Sidlaw skyline, an ancient volcanic ridge – one of the oldest in the world – and my pictures of great views in Dundee. These buildings should be famous, they are beautiful. 

Come celebrate Dundee with me. Electric Dundee features many images made on an iPad and processed on a computer…

Morna Jean does lovely line drawings of animals and has kindly agreed to coexhibit with me, and Irene Kay is displaying ceramics and interesting abstract art techniques (paintings). Gifts for sale, for every pocket.

The botanic gardens has a lovely cafe open 9-5, plenty of parking, and a superb collection and plantings, with greenhouses. Thumbs up for Dundee Botanics. Find them on Facebook.  I am Helen Imogen Field on Facebook, among other things – I have put up lessons for iPad/tablet drawing to get you started.

The Botanic gardens and the art gallery in the entrance are open 10-4.30. See you there.

First collaborative art piece

Getting to know how the paints work – for example they appear much darker after firing. For this plate several goes were had, darkening the darks and adding to the patterns.

This is how it looks with some paint before firing:

2018 updates

The time of leisure is over. This artist is now doing

  • iPad lessons
  • HNC in Childhood practice, in preparation for out-of-school activities in South Edinburgh (Art and iPad art for teens and pre-teens)
  • portrait commissions
  • updating the website to make it a good place to buy gifts, cards and household items
  • logos, business cards and flyers, even storyboards